Roofers Buggy

One of the benefits of hiring SNS Absolute Roofing is because of the revolutionary "New Roof No Mess" program for roofers.

With this program, we utilize the self-propelled "Roofers Buggy" to collect roofing debris.

This protects your lawn, shrubbery, flowers and landscaping . . . the number one concern of homeowners when getting a new roof.

The "Roofers Buggy" simplifies residential roofing projects and has many unique features to help protect flower beds, shrubbery and landscaping.

Without the Roofers Buggy, debris and old roofing material is thrown to the ground and later, manually picked up to be put into a disposal container.

At times a dump truck, trailer or dumpster is placed adjacent to the building and attempted to throw the material from the roof into the container. These methods cause damage to lawns, shrubs or fences by falling debris or by the vehicles themselves.

The "Roofers Buggy" helps us protect your beautiful landscaping and shrubbery as we remove the existing roofing materials in preparation for a new roof.

The "Roofers Buggy" is the solution to avoid the mess when we repair or replace your roof, keeping your property clean of debris and your landscaping beauitful

No Heavy Trucks on Your Lawn!

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